If you’re thinking of hiring a DJ for an upcoming event, below are some things that you can check out in order to hire the best candidate for the job. Always remember that no two DJs are the same so you have to scrutinize each one of them to end up with the best one. Below are some good points to consider.

1. There’s a big difference between part-time and full-time DJs.

Some DJs are not spinning as their full-time gig. Such DJs may work as freelance contractors for companies that take a percentage of their fee. Big DJ companies depend on quantity. You may have limited options as to over which DJ you’ll get for your event.

Many DJs are self-employed, which means they’re working on their own or managing their own business. Most of the successful self-employed DJs work full-time. They spin at parties during the weekends or evenings, and they manage their DJ business during the day. Costs and professionalism may also vary, so speak with the prospective DJs to acquire a good sense of how well they’ll fit your event.

2. A DJ’s food and drink requirements should be considered.

Party etiquette says that the people who helped in your event, such as the florist, photographer, and videographer should get a meal. DJs require nourishment too. Whether or not they also served as the emcee to your party, they most likely also eat at some point. But not all of them want a drink. Alcohol may impede a DJ’s capacity to perform at his best so alcohol should not be an option for DJs or entertainers.

3. Bar Mitzvahs tend to cost more than weddings.

Bar mitzvahs are more expensive because engaging a group of teenagers tend to demand more interaction, vitality, and expertise compared to entertaining adults. Additionally, bar mitzvahs will more likely feature more dancers and require special lighting and audio-visual effects that will add to the cost.

4. Good DJs receive accolades and top-rated reviews.

Wedding services industry rakes in billions of revenue annually. This is why DJs tend to use awards and reviews as a way to differentiate themselves and attract clients. They also like adding these things to their websites. However, some of these accolades are quite misleading or at worse, fake.

5. Talented DJs rely on word-of-mouth marketing.

Many DJs who have done an excellent job spinning at events say they get much more clients through word-of-mouth advertising. Former customers will suggest them to their buddies, and each guest who attends the party is a possible client.

As a matter of fact, the best recommendations come from satisfied clients and repeat customers, including the venue owners, caterers, and event decorators who have loved our work. Event planners and orchestras are potential clients as well. Only a smaller percentage of business is generated by online ad campaigns, social networking, and blogging.

If you want the best party DJ services Calgary offers, then you have to cross check all the points listed above. That’s one way of assuring yourself that you’re getting the best possible service at all times.